Emotional intelligence for company secretaries and governance professionals - learning to bring out the best in yourself and others

17 July 2018
08h30 - 12h30
Bookings close
13 July


Rod Charlton

MA in Psychology

Managing Director, Stratfield Performance Consulting

JHB venue

Chartered Secretaries Southern Africa, Riviera Road Office Park, 6 - 10 Riviera Road, Killarney

  The following aspects of emotional intelligence will be covered during this Workshop:  
  Understanding our environment and the emotions at play  
  The role of emotions in everyday life and why are they critical to understand and manage:  
    how emotions work in the brain and why emotions hijack us and can  
      body (neurology and physiology)   be so difficult to manage at times  
    a model to manage our emotions and achieve high performance.  
  Practical tools for managing our emotions  
  Emotions and relationship skills at work:  
    building great relationships dealing with pressure and stress  
    the importance of context taking control  
  Self-Management and skills to bring out the best in yourself and others  

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