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Chartered Governance Institute of Southern Africa is the formal professional institute for the enabling of corporate governance and company secretaryship as well as the expert commentator and thought leader in Southern Africa on governance matters.

What is a chartered secretary or governance professional?

Skills, vision, values

Chartered secretaries and governance professionals are high-ranking professionals with a broad base of skills unique among the professions. Trained in governance, law, accounting, and strategy, chartered secretaries and governance professionals provide a focal point for independent advice and guidance on the conduct of business, governance and compliance. They are key players with the skills, vision and values to take their organisations and clients forward.

Leaders in governance and compliance

Chartered secretaries and governance professionals understand that good governance is fundamental to good business decision-making and organisational performance. Through our influence with government and regulators, and the work of our Members, CGISA leads in shaping the governance agenda and promoting the best practice essential for organisational performance.

Candidates who have completed the CGISA international qualifying board examination, gained the necessary work experience and who present the requisite character traits will be qualified to apply to be admitted as a Member of CGISA and become a company secretary or governance professional.

Continuing Professional Development endeavours to ensure that all of our members are able to remain at the forefront of the governance and accounting talent pool.

There is currently a shortage of qualified and experienced company secretaries and governance professionals, with demand on the increase in light of the Companies Act (71/2008) and King IV. This means that company secretaries and governance professionals can command competitive remuneration packages.

What career choices are there?

Some possible careers that can be pursued with the qualification:

  • chief executive
  • company secretary
  • head of corporate governance
  • corporate administrator
  • in-house counsel
  • head of secretariat
  • accounting officer
  • director of legal services
  • project manager
  • contracts manager
  • head of compliance
  • director of finance
  • risk controller
  • head of administration
  • internal audit executive
  • independent reviewer

Is the qualification internationally recognised?

CGISA is an integral part of the international Chartered Governance Institute, which was founded in London in 1891. Southern Africa is the oldest division, which was established in 1909. There are eight other divisions: Australia, Canada, China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, UKRIAT and Zimbabwe.

CGISA is also a member of Corporate Secretaries International Association (“CSIA”), which is a global federation of corporate secretaries and governance professionals. Member organisations include six of the divisions above and the United States, India, Kenya and Nigeria. All share a common interest in the promotion of good governance. CSIA represents approximately 100 000 governance professionals.